Some habits are hard to break. And one such habit of mine is to create new makeup looks every now and then, and since I have a blog now, I cannot help but share it with you guys! I know just “showing” you a makeup look & jotting down the products is rather a mean thing to do, but if you have visited my site lately, you would have noticed that it is under renovation, and a video plug in is being incorporated into it. Meaning, that soon I shall be creating looks on Video Tutorials for all those interested in learning how to achieve a particular look! Yaaaaayyyyy!!!! I am looking forward to that day, so Please bear with me a bit more!

The look I created today, was lurking in my mind for a number of days, or shall I say the color was. However, I did not want to do the typical “block color look,” and so this is what I came up with!



Yes, It is a Cobalt/Navy blue Smokey eye, with a pop of Baby Pink to prevent creating a typical “Block Color Look!”

Personally, I really liked the way it turned out, though my mobile camera is not good enough to pick up all the color detail! That will be sorted out too! If you are interested in knowing the main steps in creating the above look, they are:

I have used Eyes Like Angels, Redemption Palette Romantic Smoked, by Makeup Revolution, and Pink Topaz by Odho Cosmetics to create the eye look.
Using “peach cream,” from the Eyes like angels, I blended it into the crease and all the way up close to the brow bone, to act as my main transition color.
Next I took a Mauve Grey from the Romantic smoked palette to darken the crease, add further dimension,while creating a transition shade for the blue to be merged into.
Above the Peach Cream I applied Dream, from Eyes Like Angels, all the way up-to the brow bone.
Using Aqua Dream from the same palette, I applied it to the outer and inner corners of the eyes & along the crease leaving the center of the lid empty.
Since the blue was pretty intense I had to blend quite a bit interchanging between, Peach Cream, the Grey Mauve , and the blue itself.
When I could see no harsh edges, I dabbed on the Loose Pigment, “Pink Topaz” by Odho Cosmetics on to the center of the lid using a damp brush. To the very corner of the eyes I added a bit of black shadow to create more depth. On the inner corners and the brow bone I applied “Pearl Necklace” as a highlight. (Eyes Like Angels)
Final Blending, a coat of mascara, False lashes & a thin line of liner to cover the band, extending it to a normal sized wing. And the eyes were done!
For Lipstick I have used two options. The first one is “Pampered” by Odho Cosmetics which is a very pretty iridescent pink , with a matte feel to it.
The second one is my favorite “Propaganda Matte” by MUR!
The cheeks are more strongly contoured using the MUR Ultra Contour Palette.
Blushing hearts is the color on the cheeks, where as Golden Lights is the highlight.
Having gone through all that has been used, now take another look at the final result!



What do you think of the final result? Which Lip Color do you think goes better with the look? Do let me know. I would love to read your personal preferences:)

Till next time. take great care, live. love, laugh, & let live!